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  • Geraldine Farache

What Does Work-Life Balance Have to Do With the Balance Sheet?

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

“Burnout” is now officially recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO). Get the inside scoop from Sorbet Co-founder & CEO, Veetahl, on why it’s time for companies to proactively address this rapidly evolving workplace phenomenon.

Table of contents:

What is the work-life balance (sheet) problem?

How can companies use technology to make employees happier?

How taking PTO can be the answer employers and employees have been looking for

How Sorbet provides a win-win PTO solution to improve work-life balance while saving the company money

What is the work-life balance (sheet) problem?

Evidently, the personal band-aid solutions like office yoga and breathing techniques may be harming, rather than helping, as the percentage of burned-out employees has increased from 43% pre-Covid to 52% in 2021. As of February 2021, Millennials (59%), Gen Z (58%), and Gen X (54%) shared similar burnout rates, while rates as high as 50% among medical residents and 85% among financial professionals were recorded.