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  • Geraldine Farache

Breaking news: It’s time to rethink PTO

Updated: Jan 6

Unused paid time off has doubled since the pandemic; 40% of U.S. employers have changed their PTO policies.

In the first major PTO study since 2019, Sorbet’s 2022 PTO report exposes the PTO crisis for U.S. employees and employers, shining a light on trends across industries, salary, tenure, genders, and more.

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Workers are earning more vacation days but are taking less time off

Although the number of PTO days allocated has increased by 9% since 2019 from 13 to 14.2, employees are still not taking all of their vacation days, resulting in high burnout rates, and thousands of dollars in compensation they might never unlock.

The study found a colossal 55% of PTO for employees currently goes unused in the US, compared to 28% in 2019. On average, each employee only takes 10 vacation days a year, however, 4.4% of employees didn’t take ANY days off last year. But, why are employees taking less PTO?