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The Five Metrics that Help Track Employee Wellbeing

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Burnout in the workplace is just about everywhere. Have you noticed any coworkers who seem aimless or talk about how they no longer enjoy their job lately? Odds are you have, and you’re not alone!

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A recent Gallup report based on pre-pandemic surveys found that nearly 76% of all employees experience burnout at work. To bring that home, if you’re sitting in a meeting with nine other colleagues, seven or eight of them are experiencing some form of employee burnout.

Contrary to popular belief, burnout doesn’t stem from working hard or putting in too many hours. The survey found that employees who were working toward something that they believed in could increase their hours without losing their sense of well-being.

Rather, it was employees who felt they were treated unfairly, were given unmanageable workloads with unreasonable time constraints, or felt their managers either didn’t communicate effectively or provide support that were most likely to report feeling burnt out.