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  • Russ Mikowski

Is It Better to Hit Quota or Go On Vacation?

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

The overwhelming majority of PTO policies are a joke for sales professionals. In the midst of the great resignation, now is the time for forward-thinking organizations to start examining the double standards that their policies create.

Table of Contents:

A one-shoe-fits-all approach to PTO

Salespeople are PEOPLE too

What can we do to turn PTO policies from closed/lost to closed/won for sales teams?

How to optimize PTO for your sales team

How Sorbet provides a win-win PTO solution for employers and employees

A one-shoe-fits-all approach to PTO

As sales leaders, we’ve all been there.

HR leadership or perhaps the CEO herself gathers the C-suite to talk about how people aren’t using enough PTO. Negative conversations by the water cooler (and perhaps some less than positive exit interviews and Glassdoor comments) have confirmed the obvious – people are burning out.

The best case scenario is that they’re disengaged and not nearly as productive as they could be. Worst case? Well, they’re about to sign a new contract with a competitor.

Inevitably, a company “downtime day,” PTO push, or sweeping new policy is conceptualized and launched. And it’s great for everyone – everyone but the sales team…