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A Refreshing Staycation Guide to NYC

Updated: May 29, 2022

When your entire apartment becomes a conference room, home can feel the furthest from an abode of which you can unwind. To avoid burnout it’s imperative that we convert the office back into a living room, and furthermore, venture from it.

Vacation time has been reported to decrease stress. But an all-inclusive, palm tree-studded, vacation isn’t always necessary to recharge. New York City is a 302.6 square mile playground upon which an itinerary for a staycation can be abundant, from a layover-length few hours spent in a museum to an entire day off traversing untapped terrain.

Take a few hours in the middle of your workday to close the laptop, step outside, and explore all that the Big Apple has to offer.

Day at the museum

No matter the borough, there’s a museum to trapeze through. Explore ice cream through the lens of a sprinkle filled pool or gaze at a Picasso. The exhibits are endless and the art offers a departure from the daily.

Stroll down the High Line

A mere walk turns into a transporting stroll when done at Manhattan’s High Line. An old railroad turned elevated pedestrian space boasts views of the Hudson River, showcases art, peers into gardens, offers lounge spaces, and stops at the foot of The Whitney Museum.

See outdoor art

Art gets an outdoor gallery at Hudson Yards. An ensemble of 13 artists has their works, some interactive, on display on the West Side.