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8 Ways to Enjoy Time Off Outside in Colder, Winter Months

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

A list of fun and creative ways you can spend your winter vacation days outside while also nourishing your mind and soul.

Time Off Outside in Colder, Winter Months

With travel restrictions in place during COVID-19, many professionals are not taking time off. And with colder temperatures in winter months, people are even more reluctant. It is harder, but more important than ever, to take time off. With little to no boundaries between work and personal life, and COVID-related stress, people are in desperate need of a mental sorbet.

All it takes is a little change in perception. You actually can take time off during COVID-19, even if it’s cold outside. Just because you can’t fly to the Caribbean or go outside without a proper jacket doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your leisure time outside.

Here are some fun and creative ways you can spend time outside while also nourishing your mind and soul.


Channel your inner farmer at a pick-your-own patch

Surround yourself with the electric yellow leaves of autumn and cocoon yourself in the aroma of freshly brewed cider. Your local orchard is dotted with seasonal gems begging to be picked and whipped into a dish that would make the patron saint of farm-to-table, Dan Barber, proud.

Enjoy a chilly snack by the shore

Fill a basket, tote, or even your briefcase with all the cheese, baguettes, fruit, and favorite desk drawer snacks that’ll fit for a picnic by the nearest body of water. The light sloshing of water upon the shore will lull you into a state of serenity. Make sure to bring a few blankets to stay warm.

Get on Mother Nature’s good side and clean the beach

The delight of digging your toes into the soft, fine sand of your favorite beach must be protected at all costs. Those jagged pinches of plastic buried under the shore’s beige blanket have to go. Arm yourself with gloves and a trash bag, and spiffy up the surf.

Unleash in nature with your pet

Make the morning laps around the block with your four-pawed pal - and greatest quarantine co-worker - last longer. At least three hours long. Trot from the front door to the dog park for a casual morning of entertaining canine business meetings.

Float the day away on the lake

Fill your thermos with coffee, your car with ores, and head for the water. Float through the day on a canoe or kayak, enjoying your warm morning coffee on smooth-as-glass water. The only notifications you’ll get are from the geese squawking as they head south for the winter.

Lend a helping handful

Pencil in spending quality time with your community. Whether serving ladlefuls of soup on a Wednesday afternoon, or organizing groceries at a pantry in your neighborhood, you’ll be contributing to and connecting with your neighbors. Find opportunities near you through local food banks and charitable organizations.

Spend a morning surfing the waves

That sandy beach and turquoise water you dream of everyday could be a midweek reality. Take an HR approved mental Sorbet and change from your "work attire" to your wetsuit. Enjoy the wavy agenda of swells, barrels, bottom turns, and peaceful lulls.

Take a deep breath with the Wim Hof Method

Everybody needs to catch their breath once in a while. The Wim Hof Method will teach you how. A constant stream of deep breaths a la the Wim Hof way is said to lead to sound sleep, less stress, enhanced creativity, and sharper focus.


About Sorbet

Sorbet is a first-of-its-kind employee wellness platform for the new normal that encourages and incentivizes professionals to make the most of their Paid Time Off. Our AI-generated personalized Time Off Optimizer empowers professionals to take meaningful time off to destress, recharge, avoid burnout, and improve performance. For more information about Sorbet, visit

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