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Life at Sorbet with Alex Veksler, Head of Data

Updated: Feb 15

Life at Sorbet with Alex Veksler, Head of Data

How does your role as Head of Data influence Sorbet’s effort to support the financial health and well-being of organizations and their employees?

Alex Veksler: I aim to build models that offer a tailored PTO solution for every employee, both in terms of what is offered and how it’s offered. I gather and analyze as much relevant data as possible to make the models accurate.

How would you describe the Sorbet team’s work ethic and company culture?

AV: The vibe at Sorbet is one that says, “Roll up your sleeves and get involved!” We dive in and get things done together.

What professional tips related to Data are you applying to your experience with Sorbet?

AV: Data bias is real! Do your due diligence to best understand the source of your data to avoid drawing the wrong conclusions.

What’s a valuable lesson you’ve learned from a Sorbet teammate?

AV: Don’t expect to get it right on your first try, and use your mistakes to improve the next version.

"The vibe at Sorbet is one that says, 'Roll up your sleeves and get involved!' We dive in and get things done together."

Why is reimagining Paid Time Off important to you?

AV: Flexibility is a huge part of the work/life balance. Being encouraged to take vacation time, while also having the option to cash advance extra days, really speaks to me as an employee and as a family man.

What was it like for you to start a new job during COVID-19?

AV: I feel lucky to have joined a company that has embraced the hybrid work model and knows how to deal with Covid limitations.

How do you typically use your time off? How has the pandemic changed the way you think about taking time off?

AV: I love going on outings with my wife and kids. Staycations together can also be very rejuvenating. I enjoy visiting my sister and her family, and my parents, who all live abroad.

What’s the next destination on your vacation list?

AV: No question there - Belgium to see my family!

What are some midday rituals you’ve created for yourself to take breaks from work?

AV: Taking the time to have a cup of coffee or a cold drink in the shade makes me feel refreshed.

In your opinion, why is it important for professionals to prioritize taking time off?

AV: Life is hectic. We can get caught up in the stress and not even realize how much we need a break. Periodically disconnecting shouldn’t be a luxury - it helps us do our best, and gives us a new sense of perspective.


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