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What is Sorbet?

Sorbet is a first of its kind employee wellness platform that optimizes both employee wellness and performance. Our AI generated, personalized Micro-Vacation planner helps encourage, legitimize and incentivize employee time off to reduce stress, prevent burnout, improve focus, creativity and productivity.

What is Sorbet’s mission and vision?

We’re on a mission to craft a healthier workforce. We believe PTO programs should go back to fulfilling their original purpose – empowering employees to take meaningful time off to destress, recharge, and avoid burnout.

What makes Sorbet different from other productivity and wellness solutions?

Built in collaboration with behavioral scientists and psychologists, Sorbet technology doesn’t try to help you manage your tasks, but rather focuses on optimizing recovery by crafting customized “Time Off Plans” that help you reach your optimal personal wellness and performance.

How does Sorbet work?

Sorbet identifies time management patterns, syncs with calendars, and analyzes behavior to produce a customized time off plan that helps legitimize, optimize, and incentivize time off utilization for maximum wellness, productivity, and performance.

Do we really need Sorbet to incentivize and encourage people to take time off?

As much as it would seem like everyone wants to go on vacation, statistics show that most of us don’t use up all of our time off. In fact, over 55% of employees leave close to 800 million unused days each year and forfeit up to $65 Billion in benefits.

Why is it important to use your Paid Time Off?

Vacations are amazing wellness hacks - The right mix of engagement, distinctive experiences, sense of freedom, creativity and novelty, stimulate the reward centers of our brain and release Dopamine – “feel good” neurotransmitters, which lead to reduced stress levels and higher satisfaction along with improved learning capabilities, better memory and concentration.

If it’s so good for you, why are people reluctant to take time off?

Research shows that the top 3 reasons why employees are reluctant to take time off are: 1. Perception: Fear of being replaceable, appearing to be less dedicated. 2. Workload: Too much on their plate, Fear of returning to a mountain of work. 3. Logistics: Children, Pets, Travel planning and cost, Security, Health and safety concerns.

How does Sorbet alleviate these concerns (perception, workload & logistics)?

Sorbet recreates all the positives of a vacation by creating an optimal Time Off Plan of small Micro Breaks which are automatically pre-approved, so you don’t have to worry about being away for too long, being perceived as less committed or professional, or having lots of extra work waiting for you when you return. Plus, Sorbet provides each user with curated, personalized suggestions on how to use their time off, so you don’t have to handle planning and logistics.

How does Sorbet calculate my Time Off Plan?

When you activate your Sorbet account, our system recognizes your Paid Time Off (PTO) balance. You are then asked to choose your “wellness goal”, aka how much of your PTO balance you’d like us to optimize for you. Once you confirm this information, our technology converts your PTO balance into hourly “Micro-Breaks”, aka “scoops”: 1 scoop = 3 hours 2 scoops = 6 hours 3 scoops = 9 hours (full day off) Based on the information you share with us when you complete your profile, we sync with your work calendar, identify time management patterns and lifestyle preferences to produce a customized Time Off Plan just for you.

Why Micro-Breaks?

With everything going on, we know that taking an extended vacation may seem like a distant dream, but surprisingly, research shows that frequent Micro-Breaks are just as effective, if not more effective, than traditional vacations to maintain a positive state of mind, lower stress, and increase productivity.

Why 3 hours? Isn’t that a bit petty? I sometimes take an hour or 2 off without reporting it.

When we built our solution we consulted with behavioral scientists and psychologists and surveyed hundreds of employees to understand what would be the ideal length for an effective Micro-Break. We found that while committed, professional employees do, on occasion, take an hour or two to care for personal issues or errands, they will feel uncomfortable to go “off the grid” for a full 3 hours without reporting it to their manager.

Is 3 hours enough? What can you possibly get out of a 3 hour break?

You would be surprised at how effective a short 3 hour break can be! In fact, research shows that even taking as little as 15 minutes can make a huge difference in your stress levels and productivity.

With pandemic-related travel restrictions and heightened stress levels about working from home, employees across the United States are burning out. How is Sorbet addressing this issue?

Sorbet generates creative suggestions, aka “Sorbet Flavors” on how to use your time off in a way that feels fun and refreshing, even in the state of a pandemic. These “Flavors” include an assortment of activities and "staycation" experiences that truly mimic the relaxing, inspiring, and fulfilling feelings you gain from taking a real vacation. We also made sure to highlight and support small, local and minority owned businesses in our area.

How do I sign up to use Sorbet?

Sign up for a free Sorbet account with your work email address here: https://app.getsorbet.com/onboarding.

What if I have personal activities that aren’t on my work calendar?

When you sign on to the App for the first time, our quick and easy on-boarding experience will allow you to manually enter in personal events and plans that do not appear on your calendar, so we know not to interfere with your plans.

Do I have to pay for Sorbet?

You do not have to pay for a Sorbet account. There are some Sorbet experiences that you do have to pay for. When you schedule a Sorbet experience, make sure you follow the instructions to pay for the experience at our partner’s website (if the experience requires a payment).

How do I track my balance and progress?

When you login to your account, go to your account overview. Your account overview will show you how many scoops you’ve taken, how many scoops you have left, your goal, and your progress. You will also receive an email on a weekly basis summarizing your balance, progress, and upcoming time off plans.

I want to use my time well and achieve certain goals, like getting healthier and giving back to my community. Will I be able to use my Sorbet time plan to do that?

Yes! During the initial onboarding we ask that you how you would like to spend your time. You can choose as many categories as you want, ranging from: Home improvement, Beauty & spa, taking an adventure, spending time with friends & family, just relaxing and many, many more.

What if I have personal commitments and activities that don’t appear on my work calendar?

During the initial onboarding you have the option to define certain days or specific times as blocked for personal reasons. This way we will know not to schedule Scoops and interfere with your plans.

Sorbet Card

What can I do with a Sorbet card?

For now, you can activate your card to unlock a free $50 gift to use towards a Sorbet experience. Coming soon, you’ll be able to reload funds to this card and pay for Sorbet experiences with this card to unlock rewards and discounts. Stay tuned for more details!

How do I activate my Sorbet card?

Activate your card here.

How do I reload my Sorbet card with more money?

If your Sorbet balance is getting low, you can easily reload your card. Log in to your Sorbet account, click “Manage my Card”, click “Reload my Card”, click “Proceed to Reload”, and complete the required information. Don’t worry, there are no reload fees.

Does the $50 gift affect my credit in any way?

The Sorbet card has nothing to do with your personal credit cards and does not affect it at all. To make it simpler, think of it as a gift card.

How do I use my 50$ gift to pay for an experience?

If you are located in the US, click this link to claim your $50 gift and follow the instructions. Once you activate the gift card, click on My Sorbet Card to view the card details. Use this gift card as you would any virtual gift card, debit card or credit card. Use it towards any Sorbet activity you'd like, anywhere Visa is accepted. Once you are asked to fill out the billing information, please use this address - 168 Main St, Goshen NY, 10924. If you are located in Israel, you can claim a 50$ PayPal gift.
To access it all you need to do is add a Sorbet experience to one of your scoops of time off.
Once you add a Sorbet activity to a scoop on your calendar, your PayPal gift will be emailed to you within 24 hours. Now all that’s left is accepting the payment and following the instructions.

Scoops and Experiences

How do I add a Sorbet activity / experience to a scoop of time off on my Sorbet Calendar?

A: There are two ways to add a Sorbet experience to a scoop of time off on your Sorbet Calendar. 1. How to add a Sorbet from your Calendar * From your Calendar, hover over the scoop you'd like to plan for. * Click "Plan your Sorbet". * Browse the assortment of Sorbet experiences and click the Sorbet you'd like to schedule. Select your desired date and time from the drop-down menu and click "Add to Calendar". 2. How to add a Sorbet experience to a scoop of time off from a Sorbet experience page * Select your desired date and time from the drop-down menu and click "Add to Calendar".

How do I change a Sorbet to a different day and time?

When you login to your account, go to your calendar. Either drag and drop the “scoop” you’d like to reschedule to the new day and time, or click on the “scoop” and follow the rescheduling instruction on the pop up window. Remember, if you have a Sorbet experience scheduled, make sure to double check with the partner associated with the experience that this new day and time is available.

How do I reschedule a generic scoop?

If there is any scoop you would like to reschedule, please go to Sorbet app and reschedule from your Sorbet calendar. This will keep the sync between your work calendar and Sorbet. You have 2 different ways to reschedule your scoops: 1. Go to Sorbet calendar. Click on its name (for example: Time off - 1 Scoop), and click ‘Reschedule’. Now Sorbet will immediately offer you another optimized date and hour for you to move the scoop to: Another option is for you to choose another date and time by yourself by clicking on ‘Let me choose’. 2. Go to Sorbet calendar. Drag the scoop you wish to reschedule to another day in your Sorbet calendar. The scoop will be rescheduled to the same time slot that was booked in the previous scheduled day.

How do I book an experience?

You can book an experience from 2 different places in the sorbet app. The first one is from the Sorbet calendar. Go to Sorbet calendar and find the scoop you want to plan a sorbet for. Hover over the scoop’s Title (for example: Time off - 1 Scoop), and click on ‘Plan your Sorbet’. By clicking it, you will be directed to the Explore page. On the Explore page, you can explore all the exciting offers that are relevant to the scoop size you have chosen (For our example: 1 Scoop). The second option is going straight to the Explore page. Once you have decided on the experience you want to book, make sure you pick the time and date and click on ‘Add to Calendar’.
You will get an email with all the sorbet experience details that you will be asked to approve. For Microsoft Outlook users:
For Google Calendar users: Once approved, the event will be updated in your work calendar. In addition, the event will be updated in your sorbet calendar. For Microsoft Outlook users: For Google Calendar users: If this is an experience you need to pay for, click on ‘Explore the offer’. This will lead you to the provider website to complete the payment.

How do I reschedule a Sorbet experience?

You can easily reschedule an experience straight out of your sorbet calendar. Go to Sorbet Calendar and hover over the experience you wish to reschedule. Click on ‘Reschedule’. There will be a new time slot suggested for you. You can either click ‘I’ll take it’: or pick a different time slot according to your preferences by clicking ‘Let me choose’. After rescheduling, you will be getting a new email to your work email address with all the updated information. At this time, rescheduling a block of time off (with a Sorbet experience attached to it) automatically removes the Sorbet experience associated with it. *Important note: If this Sorbet was booked with a third-party provider, you need to cancel with that merchant directly.

How do I delete pre-planned scoops from my calendar?

To delete pre-planned scoops, please send an email to support@getsorbet.com with the time and date of the scoops you wish to remove from your calendar and we will do it for you. After remove those scoops are removed, don’t forget to delete the scoop events from your work calendar so that the information will be synced at all times.

Does my Manager know when I am taking scoops of time off?

Once you approve the scoop invites that are sent to your calendar, the event will be presented in your work calendar. The cool thing about Sorbet is that scoops in the size of 1 are always pre-approved! Regarding 2 scoops and 3 scoops (Full day) - it depends on your company policy. For more information, please contact your manager.

Are scoops of time off deducted from my PTO balance?

Scoops that were in fact used for time off do get deducted from your PTO balance. Consider it as micro brakes you took to stay productive and well. One thing that is important to remember is that scoops that as long as you don’t use the scoops (meaning you removed them or asked to delete them from your calendar), they are not deducted from your PTO balance.