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What is Sorbet?

Sorbet is a first of its kind employee wellness platform that optimizes both employee wellness and performance. Our AI generated, personalized Micro-Vacation planner helps encourage, legitimize and incentivize employee time off to reduce stress, prevent burnout, improve focus, creativity and productivity.

Why is it important to use your Paid Time Off?

Vacations are amazing wellness hacks - The right mix of engagement, distinctive experiences, sense of freedom, creativity and novelty, stimulate the reward centers of our brain and release Dopamine – “feel good” neurotransmitters, which lead to reduced stress levels and higher satisfaction along with improved learning capabilities, better memory and concentration.

If it’s so good for you, why are people reluctant to take time off?

Research shows that the top 3 reasons why employees are reluctant to take time off are: 1. Perception: Fear of being replaceable, appearing to be less dedicated. 2. Workload: Too much on their plate, Fear of returning to a mountain of work. 3. Logistics: Children, Pets, Travel planning and cost, Security, Health and safety concerns.

What is the Sorbet card?

The sorbet card is a visa pre-paid card that you can load with PTO hours converted into money. Using the sorbet mobile app, you can check out how many hours you are able to cash out in any given moment.
You can pay with your sorbet card anywhere Visa is accepted both by manually typing and by adding it to your virtual wallet (Apple Pay/Google Pay).

Why does Sorbet need my details verified?

Since sorbet provides you with the ability to decide how to use your paid time off (and even more, one of the ways is by cashing out your paid time off into money loaded to a pre-paid card), it is highly important that you verify your details.
This allows sorbet to know that the person who is logged in to the account and makes these actions is actually you and not someone else.
You can always update your details by yourself straight from the profile section in the app. If you have any other question, you can reach us at support@getsorbet.com

How do I sign in to Sorbet?

You can sign in to Sorbet using your work email address. Whether you use Google or Microsoft, type the email address and the password and start using sorbet right away!

How can I see the full details of my Sorbet card?

To view the full details of your Sorbet card, click on ‘Reveal card details’. By doing so, you will be sent with a one time password to your mobile phone (make sure sorbet has your most updated mobile phone number).
Type the 4 digits code that you received. Now you will be able to see the full card details including expiration date, CVV and card balance.

What should I do if the code verification is not sent to my phone?

If you fail to receive a text message (a 4 digits code) as part of the cash-out process or while requesting to reveal your full card details, you can click on the 'Resend' button in order to get another one.
In general, you can have up to 5 attempts. After that, the action will be available for you again after 10 minutes have passed.
Either way, you should be able to get the code on your first attempt if everything is in order and Sorbet has your most up-to-date phone number.
If you still experience any issues, you are more than welcome to reach out to support@getsorbet.com

Spend Time

How do I cash out my PTO?

Pending your company policy, you are allowed to cash out a portion of your PTO balance and load it onto a Visa prepaid card given you by Sorbet.
First, you need to choose the amount that you wish to convert into money.
Then, you will go over a short process of account verification by typing the 4 digits code you got to your mobile phone.
The next step would be to confirm the cash out action and there you go! The money is your to spend anytime, anywhere Visa is accepted.

How do I add my sorbet card to my virtual wallet?

Follow the video tutorial to learn how to add the sorbet card into your virtual wallet. After adding it, you will be able to pay with the sorbet card straight from the wallet anywhere Visa is accepted. For Google Pay click here, for Apple Pay click here.

Where can I see the history of the transactions of my Sorbet card?

To view your transaction history, navigate to the profile section in sorbet mobile app, then click on ‘Sorbet Card’. There you are able to view the full history of your transactions (including pending transactions if there are any).
The list includes cash out transactions, purchases that were made with your sorbet card and card fee (in case there are any).