Cool employee benefits
never come for free... 

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Reduce PTO


Save on financing costs and increase Tax deductions

Control and

predict cash flow

Offer a first-of-its-kind employee benefit1.../

It’s time to make

Save costs for your company while improving employee wellness. Pretty sweet!

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PTO is a  financial nightmare of PTO


Annual accrued liabilities


Annual liabilty per employee

Improve employee wellness while saving costs for your company

Predict unusable time


Sorbet Integrates with HR and payroll systems and syncs with your calendar to predict the time employees won't be able to use.


Employee cash out on PTO

The employee decides how much of their unusable time they want to cash out NOW.


Control your cash flow

Gain back full control of your cash flow - The company decided when they want to pay Sorbet back.

 Ready to transform your
 PTO program? 

Get in touch to unlock the financial health and well-being of your organisation and employees.


Balance work and life while rebalancing the balance sheets

Employees love Sorbet (and so does HR!)

Take Time: Enjoy pre-approved breaks that don’t  disrupt work rhythms

Spend itTurn unusable time into money with a pre-paid card that can be used anywhere on anytime

Reinvest in Wellness: Use the Sorbet card to unlock unique travel and wellness rewards

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